The Saudi Council Nursing Licensing Examination is popularly known as the Saudi Prometric Examination among Nurses who aspire to work in Saudi Arabia. For those nurses, who have studied outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and wish to seek employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, taking this examination is a priority requirement. As you may be aware, clearing the Prometric examination is not an easy task. To qualify for this examination, you have to prepare well by using the best study materials & also it is advised to take the help of the best trainers. Many of the working nurses nowadays want to write this exam, but time management is their biggest constraint. Here are some tips for those aspiring nurses who want to prepare for Saudi Prometric Examination.


Take your exam very seriously

Many of you think this exam is easier than NCLEX and other similar nursing licensing examinations, but it is observed that those nurses who take this exam with just a casual preparation face difficulty in qualifying Saudi Prometric Examination. Further, it has also been observed that nowadays Saudi Prometric has become one of the most difficult qualifying examinations as compared with other Nursing Licensing Examinations.


Sharpen your basic knowledge with the help of best trainers

Basic knowledge of all nursing subjects, especially Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, OBG, Child Health Nursing, Research and Administration are a necessity for you to qualify Saudi Prometric. It is always better to find out the best trainers who can help you to brief up whole theory, which will enhance your test taking abilities.


Make use of mock tests and model question papers

Practice will make you more confident, thus make use of maximum practice sessions as possible. Mock tests based on previous examination patterns are an excellent option for preparation. Further, be thorough with the basic calculations and lab values which can be asked for your exam. Remember! every piece of information is precious while preparing for your Saudi Prometric Exam! Imprints Academy offers you all the above-mentioned packages with just a click away.


Manage your time towards the Good!

Be a master of time management. In your hectic schedule, plan your practice sessions wisely. Study a little every day. Consistency is the key to success.


Approach the exam day with an open and calm mind

Having a calm and relaxed mindset is very important while you attempt the Saudi Prometric CBT exam. Most of the questions are application-based questions and you need to carefully choose your answers from the given options. Therefore, you need to be relaxed and should think clearly, to choose or prioritize the correct answer.


Imprints Academy wishes all the best to all those who are preparing for Saudi Prometric Examination.