Delete User Policy

User Delete Policies

*1. Overview:*
This User Deletion Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the deletion of user accounts and associated data within the Impints Academy application.

*2. Account Deletion Requests:*
Users who wish to delete their account can do so by accessing the account profile page within the Impints Academy application. The account deletion process is designed to be user-friendly and requires user authentication to prevent unauthorized deletion.

*3. Data Retention:*
Upon account deletion, Impints Academy application will retain certain data for a specified period as required by applicable laws or for legitimate business purposes. This retained data will no longer be associated with the deleted account and will be anonymized to the extent possible.

*4. Account Deletion Steps:*
To delete your Imprints Academy account, follow these steps:
*Step 1: Access Account Profile*
Navigate to the main menu within the Imprints Academy app and locate the "Profile" option.
*Step 2: Select "Delete Account"*
Within the Profile, find and select the "Delete Account".

*Step 3: Confirmation and Additional Information*
Read through the account deletion information provided.

*Step 4: Final Confirmation*
Confirm your decision to delete the account. Once confirmed, your account and associated data will be delete.
*5. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:*
Impints Academy will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding user data deletion. In the event of a legal request, Impints Academy application may be required to retain certain information beyond a user's account deletion.

*6. Contact Information:*
For any inquiries or assistance related to account deletion, users can contact our support team at

*7. Updates to the User Deletion Policy:*
Impints Academy application reserves the right to update this User Deletion Policy to reflect changes in applicable laws or our data handling practices. Users will be notified of any material changes to this policy.
By using the Impints Academy application, users acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this User Deletion Policy.