Mr.Binu Benny (MBA)

“As long as the classes you’re taking are part of an official course from an accredited institution, it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a classroom or working from a laptop at home”.

    Worldwide spread of corona pandemic has imposed so many limitations on every aspect of life, how can education be spared from it! But the human nature is always inquisitive and creative and nothing can stop it from evolving! This pandemic has slowed down the speed of education but taught the world different aspects of experimentation. Hence, we are witnessing a new trend of online education that has emerged as a solution to tackle the isolation forced upon us humans by the unforgiving virus.

    Online learning is considered as a potential and effective method of learning lately and it has its unique advantages. This pandemic has left no options in front of educational institutions, other than temporarily shut the doors or shift to online classes. In this context, online classes can be adopted as an effective alternative for traditional classroom teaching. Online classes open ways to the futuristic education which has its base on the evolving technology.

    One of the selling points of online learning is the opportunity for increased one-on-one instruction with your professor or instructor. Technology makes it easier than ever to reach out and collaborate with a teacher on any study material that you may be struggling to understand or comprehend, which is truly an advantage as compared to a traditional teaching setting. Thus, students are able to get individual attention and are free to engage with their teachers through different interactive platforms. No need to mention that students who are hesitant to approach their teachers openly in a physical set up are getting benefited by online education.

    Online learning is a powerful and versatile opportunity for those hoping to learn a new course or who wants to expand the portfolio of their knowledge by increasing their skill, without compromising with their existing jobs. This scenario stands true, especially for working nurses who have a much better earning opportunity overseas but are forced to lose their existing job for preparing for mandatory license/qualifying exams like IELTS, OET, HAAD, DHA, MOH, DHS, PROMETRIC etc.

    If you are trying to increase your professional capacity while working full-time, online courses provide the flexibility in terms of timing, focus and the advantages, to leave its IMPRINT on your successful career.

“What matters isn’t where you sat while you study. What matters is what you do with what you have learned”.